WA STATE UPDATE AS OF MARCH 22, 2021 (START OF PHASE 3):  We may operate at 50% capacity during Phase 3 – that means 7-15 dancers in-studio at a time.  We will therefore continue to offer a mixture of Zoom-only, “hybrid” Zoom/in-studio classes, and some all-in-studio classes while in Phase 3.

We are able to offer three types of classes during the 2020-2021 school year  – “Zoom-only,” “hybrid” and “in-studio.”

  • Zoom classes (Zoom) will be held over Zoom only.
  • Hybrid classes (HC) will be held over Zoom, and, at the same time, with in-studio groups of 7-15 dancers.  Dancers will be rotated through the in-studio classes so that all will get a turn.  When not in-studio, they will take class online via Zoom.  Class enrollment caps are listed in the class schedule web pages available via the links below.
  • In-studio classes (ISC) will be held in-studio only and have a maximum enrollment of 2-8 dancers.  These classes are offered for ages 2-7.

Dancers and families must agree to follow Studio West’s “COVID-19 Waiver and Agreement for Participation” guidelines (available at the studio or via email) and have signed both the COVID-19 waiver and our standard liability waiver (if not already signed) in order to attend in-studio classes.  The liability waiver applies to all classes, whether they are taught through Zoom or in-studio.

Some or all classes may transition to Zoom-only if the state needs to shut down again due to COVID-19.  Once the COVID-19 health situation improves and guidance from the state allows, we may be able to increase the number of dancers in-studio.  The schedule and prices for the season will stay the same, whether dancers are taking classes entirely on Zoom, entirely in-studio, or via a hybrid model.

Balancing in-studio requirements, Zoom needs, and rotations is challenging.  We anticipate a smooth year since we have had months of practice!  However, there may still be bumps along the way and we appreciate your patience.  We are going to make lemonade out of lemons for this 2020-2021 season.  We thank you for joining us on this ride!

Session Pricing

A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $25 per dancer is due upon registration for this session (excluding six-week series classes).

  • 1 Class per week  – 30-45 minutes | $60 per month
  • 1 Class per week – 50-90 minutes |  $64 per month
  • 2 Classes per week  – 30-45 minutes | $94 per month
  • 2 Classes per week – 50-90 minutes | $104 per month
  • 3 Classes per week |  $140 per month
  • 4 Classes per week | $176 per month
  • 5 Classes per week | $212 per month
  • 6+ Classes per week | $244 per month
  • Private Lessons Prices available upon request

* Indicates faculty placement is required

(X) Indicates class will not perform in the All-School Spring Showcase, June 4-6, 2021