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Summer 2017 Information

School & Theatre Information


Class Schedule*

Some of our dance level names are changing this fall.  Please see the key below with current levels (effective through the end of August 2017) and the new levels (effective September 2017).  Only the levels that are changing are listed.  Current students will receive their placements for fall using the new level names.


Levels Through Summer

Levels as of Fall 2017

Level 3A

Level 3

Level 3B

Level 4

Level 4A

Level 5

Level 4B

Level 6

Level 5

Level 7

Level 6

Level 8


Levels Through Summer

Levels as of Fall 2017

Beginning Youth

Beginning Pre-Teen

Beginning Teen

Beginning Teen

(new level as of Fall 2017)

Intermediate Teen


Hip Hop 1


Hip Hop 2


Hip Hop 3


Hip Hop 4